MARS, a proprietary smart management system for shopping centres, is based on a Big Data technology with the same name. It provides complex monitoring of all processes, identifies weaknesses in the management system and fixes them quickly and efficiently, which has a positive impact on the operation of both the entire centre and each individual tenant.

MARS consists of several functional components, each dedicated to a specific task of analysis or management, including Wi-Fi analytics, attendance and card transaction monitoring, location-based analytics, car registration and tenant reports. MALLTECH Report, a comprehensive management reporting system, combines key indicators with financial and management reports, while 360° Audit, a technology for tenant microcontrol, analyses them using 40 parameters and identifies the underperformers.

Advanced IT technologies behind MARS have the widest area of application and can analyse numerous internal and external factors affecting the performance of a shopping centre.

external factors
Competitive environment
Population density and structure (age, paying capacity) in the surrounding areas
Potential and actual foot traffic in all shopping centres in each area
City’s transportation system and transport accessibility of the shopping centre
Loyalty analysis and estimation of possible attendance of the venue by the people living in different areas
internal factors
Foot traffic Customer distribution by floors and arcades
Shop attendance, return visits, synergy
Tenant sales volume
Number of transactions, averages sales value, conversion ratios, capture rate, dwell time
Earnings and OCR
Vacant premises and tenant mix
Comprehensive evaluation of the shopping centre / tenants
Our insight
KPI and ‘flag system’
Complex ‘health assessment’ of the tenants and identification of problems / opportunities
Analysis of a specific tenant
Visualization of problematic areas in the shopping centre
Advantages of management using MARS system

Detailed portrait of a buyer and their route along the shopping centre together with an in-depth knowledge about competitive environment and infrastructure affecting customers’ decisions.

  • performance analytics of each tenant and tips on how to optimize their financial performance;
  • automation of management processes;
  • quicker and more efficient decision making;
  • full controls and real-time visual reporting;
  • streamlined workflow system.