Planeta shopping centre


«Planeta» has become the first super-regional shopping center in Perm region with its population of 2.6M people.

Already at this stage the project has attracted attention of many large federal tenants as well as international apparel and shoes brands.

There is food hypermarket “Lenta”, kid's entertainment center “Superland”, sports, kid's, and household goods at the «Planeta» shopping center. In the second half of 2021 next generation multiplex cinema is presented at «Planeta».

A new roundabout was built next to the shopping center in August 2017, which provided swift access to the center’s territory without traffic lights. MALLTECH was a construction investor in this project.

In December 2017 hypermarket “Leroy Merlin” was opened close to the shopping center.

The «Planeta» shopping center officially opened on April 22, 2021.

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150 000 m²
83 105 m²
2 900
Transport accessibility
The venue is located in Industrialny district at the intersection of the city’s key thoroughfares: Mira street and Kosmonvtov motorway.

The shopping centre is easily accessible by public transport: buses, trolley buses, trams and shuttle buses.

A convenient entry and exit roundabout is located at the intersection of Kosmonavtov street, Mira street and Sviyazeva street.

Coverage Area
Coverage Area 1
147 000 people
Coverage Area 2
233 000 people
Coverage Area 3
533 000 people
913 000 people
live in the total coverage area
cafes and
Evgeniy Kashtanov
Alexander Raddats
Project lead